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Latest Books - Bone Thief

A killer takes the bones of his victims and a police detective leads a task force to track down the killer. The detective has a wife at home on life support in a persistent vegetative state while his female side kick is in love with him.   A 14 year old computer genius appears to help with the case and provides the only real leads. She even sets up a meeting with the killer. The meeting is for 10 am and of course the child is warned not to come. At 1:30 pm the stake out is called off and at that time, the child shows up: she didn't want to miss the meeting. She is roundly chastised by our hero who even then doesn't get around to telling her parents of her involvement. Unfortunately, that type if illogical progression permeates this book and destroys what started out as an enjoyable read.


Composition of Book
descript. of violence and chases - 10%
Planning/preparing, gather info, debate puzzles/motives - 60%
Feelings, relationships, character bio/development - 20%
How society works & physical descript. (people, objects, places) - 10%

Tone of story - suspenseful (sophisticated fear)
How difficult to spot villain? - Somewhat obvious
Time/era of story: - present (2000-2010)
What % of story relates directly to the mystery, not the subplot? - 90%
Special suspect? - chronically deranged person
Murder of certain profession? - doctors/patients
Misc. Murder Plotlets - Killer purposely leaves clues
Kind of investigator - police procedural, American
Kid or adult book? - Adult or Young Adult Book
Any non-mystery subplot? - feelings towards lover
Crime Thriller Yes
Murder Mystery (killer unknown) Yes

Main Character
Gender - Male
Profession/status: - police/lawman
Ethnicity/Race - White/American
How sensitive is this character? - sensitive to others' feelings
Sense of humor - Mostly serious with occasional humor
Intelligence - Average intelligence
Physique - average physique

Main Adversary
Identity: - Male
Age: - 40's-50's
Profession/status: - doctor
How much of work is main antagonist actually present in: - an above average amount
Motive of antagonist - insanity
The antagonists are: - evil doctors
How sensitive is this character? - mean, arrogant
Sense of humor - Mostly serious with occasional humor
Intelligence - Average intelligence
Physique - average physique

City? Yes
City: - New York
Small town? Yes
Small town people: - nice, like Andy/Opie/Aunt Bee
Misc setting - fancy mansion

Accounts of torture and death? - very gorey descriptions deaths/dead bodies
How many deaths? - 5-7
Sex Yes
Amount of dialog - roughly even amounts of descript and dialog

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