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Thomas O'Callaghan: Bone Thief Thriller/Action  1/22/2006
A killer takes the bones of his victims and a police detective leads a task force to track down the killer. The detective has a wife at home on life support in a persistent vegetative state while his female side kick is in love with him.   A 14 year old computer genius appears to help with the case and provides the only real leads.

Edward Dolnick: The Rescue Artist Biography  1/22/2006

Danielle Steel: The Cottage Literature  1/22/2006

Clare Naylor: Catching Alice Literature  1/22/2006

David Bret: George Formby: a Troubled Genius Biography  1/22/2006

Laurien Berenson: Underdog Thriller/Action  1/22/2006

Laurien Berenson: Raining Cats and Dogs Thriller/Action  1/22/2006

Sue Townsend: Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction Literature  1/22/2006

Cynthia Baxter: Lead a Horse to Murder Thriller/Action  1/22/2006

Derek Parker: Nell Gwyn Biography  1/22/2006

Joanna Campbell: Good-bye, Midnight Wanderer Literature  1/22/2006

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