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Hot fictions by Celecrity Authors
Star Struck (New Case FICT ANDERSON PAMELA STAR) Struggling to manage her home life and her rock-and-roll artist husband's volatile anger, Star oversees the launch of her big-screen film in the face of an increasingly demanding public schedule and video that continues to haunt her.

Celebrity Authors of Children's Books
Celebrity authors are becoming mainstream in the world of children's books. With the enormous success of the Harry Potter series, more and more celebrities are taking the opportunity to tell their stories to children.

Celebrities as Authors
What is it with the publishing trend of having celebrities write children books? What do you as the buying public think of books written by celebs such as Madonna and Britney?

The Battle for Kiddie Lit
When I was eight years old, I won an award for a story I wrote and was given an all-expenses-paid trip to a conference for "young writers" in Tampa, Florida, which was nearly two hours away from my house via a big yellow bus.

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