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Kathryn Lasky: The Capture Sci-Fi/Fantasy  1/22/2006
Soren is an innocent young owl, not even able to fly yet, when he is pushed out of his nest by his older brother.   Owls from St. Aggies Academy for Orphaned Owls picked him up and took him to St. Aggies. 

Elaine Cunningham: Shadows in the Darkness Sci-Fi/Fantasy  1/22/2006

Knut Hamsun: The Hunger Literature  1/22/2006

Jillian Medoff: Hunger Point Literature  1/20/2006

D.J. MacHale: The Merchant of Death - Pendragon 1 Sci-Fi/Fantasy  1/20/2006

John Grisham: The Summons Thriller/Action  1/20/2006

Laurie McBain: When the Splendor Falls Literature  1/18/2006

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