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Latest Books - Underdog

After receiving a new Standard Poodle puppy from her Aunt Peg, Melanie finds herself taking the puppy to obedience classes, as demanded by her pushing relative.
After hearing from a new friend, Jenny, that her own Miniature Poodle had died, Melanie invites Jenny over to her house for dinner and to help cheer her up. But the new found friendship doesn't last as Melanie soon gets a call-Jenny collapsed and died suddenly while with her husband in her home.
After later finding out that Jenny's death was foulplay, Melanie begins to look into the murder.

Composition of Book
descript. of violence and chases - 20%
Planning/preparing, gather info, debate puzzles/motives - 40%
Feelings, relationships, character bio/development - 20%
How society works & physical descript. (people, objects, places) - 20%

Tone of story - very upbeat
How difficult to spot villain? - Difficult, but some clues given
Time/era of story: - 1980's-1999
What % of story relates directly to the mystery, not the subplot? - 40%
Special suspect? - relative
Kind of investigator - amateur citizen investigator
Kid or adult book? - Adult or Young Adult Book
Any non-mystery subplot? - animal antics
Crime Thriller Yes
Murder Mystery (killer unknown) Yes

Main Character
Gender - Female
Profession/status: - teacher
Age: - 20's-30's
Is this an ordinary person caught up in events? Yes
How much violence does he/she use? - a little
Ethnicity/Race - White/American
How sensitive is this character? - sensitive to others' feelings
Intelligence - Average intelligence
Physique - average physique

Main Adversary
Identity: - Female
Age: - 20's-30's
Profession/status: - killer
How much of work is main antagonist actually present in: - a little/some
Motive of antagonist - jealousy
How sensitive is this character? - hard edged
Intelligence - Average intelligence
Physique - average physique

United States Yes
The US: - Northeast

Part of a series? Yes
Person - mostly 1st
Accounts of torture and death? - moderately detailed references to deaths
How many deaths? - 1
Amount of dialog - significantly more dialog than descript

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