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By Pamela Anderson: Star Struck (New Case FICT ANDERSON PAMELA STAR)
Struggling to manage her home life and her rock-and-roll artist husband's volatile anger, Star oversees the launch of her big-screen film in the face of an increasingly demanding public schedule and video that continues to haunt her.
By Steven Bochco: Death by Hollywood (MYST BOCHCO STEVEN Death by)
After witnessing a murder, screenwriter Bobby Newman uses his hidden knowledge of the crime to insinuate himself into the murder investigation, with plans to write a successful screenplay about it.
By Joan Collins:Misfortune's Daughters ( New Case FICT COLLINS JOAN Misfortu)
The daughters of a talented actress and wealthy shipping magnate, two sisters struggle to cope with their family's troubled legacy and the wealth, ambition, and betrayal that marks their world.
By Wes Craven: Fountain Society (FICT CRAVEN WES Fountain)
The developer of a superweapon that will guarantee U.S. military supremacy is dying, and only a frightening operation can extend his life, fusing him with another human being.
By Alan Dershowitz : The Advocate's Devil (FICT DERSHOWITZ ALAN M. Advocate)
Taking the case of a professional basketball player accused of rape, a high-powered attorney is confident that he can win, but struggles with the morality of a client who may be guilty.
By Kirk Douglas: Last Tango in Brooklyn (FICT DOUGLAS KIRK Last tan)
In a novel set in a Brooklyn hospital, a scandalous May-December love affair is threatened by a tragic accident and a devastating twist of fate, but ultimately proves to be a testament to the abiding strength of love.
By Rupert Everett: Hello Darling, Are You Working? (FICT EVERETT RUPERT Hello)
Stripped of all his assets after the stock market crash of 1987, Parisian soap star Rhys Waveral travels from Paris nightclubs, to English country homes, to depraved costume balls in Tangiers.
By Carrie Fisher: Postcards from the Edge (FICT FISHER CARRIE Postcard)
Suzanne, a patient in a drug rehabilitation clinic, strives to gain control of her life in a look at the dangers-and delights-of all addictions.
By Kristin Gore: Sammy's Hill (FICT GORE KRISTIN Sammy's)
A sweet young senatorial aide takes everything Washington can throw at her while giving her all to a possible national program to lower prescription costs for senior citizens.
By Steve Martin: Shopgirl: A Novella (FICT MARTIN, STEVE Shopgirl)
Working as a salesgirl at the Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus, Mirabelle, a beautiful aspiring artist, embarks on a love affair with Ray Porter, a wealthy lonely businessman she meets at the store.
By Martina Navratilova: Breaking Point (FICT NAVRATIL MARTINA Breaking)
Retired Tennis champion and amateur sleuth Jordan Miles goes into action when a secretary falls to her death during a swank party at a Parisian greenhouse and private detective Noel “the Fish” Fisher is nearly beaten to death.
By Carl Reiner: Continue Laughing (FICT REINER CARL Continue)
A Jewish clerk from the Bronx joins a Shakespeare theater company down South, entertains the troops during World War II, and reaches the brink of comic stardom.

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