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Latest Books - George Formby: a Troubled Genius

George Formby, the son of a music hall entertainer who died at a comparatively early age, followed his father on the stage. Thanks largely to his wife Beryl, he became not only a very successful performer with his singing and ukulele playing, but one of the most popular film stars in Britain during the war years. He also travelled extensively abroad to entertain the troops. After the war he ceased making films, and returned to the theatre and pantomime, though a lifetime of ill-health was catching up on him.

This book provides a detailed account of all his films and major theatre shows, as well as a frank look at the unhappiness of his marriage with a woman who single-mindedly helped him become the highest-paid entertainer of his time, but made him many enemies in showbiz circles along the way.

job/profession: - musician
Job/profession/poverty story Yes
Story of entertainer? - Movie Comedy Actor
Period of greatest activity? - 1900+

Subject of Biography
Gender - Male
Profession/status: - actor/actress/producer
Biography of famous person? Yes
Ethnicity - White
Nationality - British
How sensitive is this person? - sensitive to others' feelings
Sense of humor - Strong but gentle sense of humor
Intelligence - Average intelligence
Physique - physically sick

How much descriptions of surroundings? - 3 (some)
Europe Yes
European country: - England/UK
Misc setting - Fancy Mansion
Century: - 1930's-1950's

Person - mostly 3rd
Accounts of torture and death? - generic/vague references to death/punishment
Book makes you feel? - depressed
Writer's slant towards subject: - favorable
Story of entire life, or part? - story of set of events during life
Pictures/Illustrations? - A lot 11-15 B&W
How much dialogue in bio? - little dialog
How much of bio focuses on most famous period of life? - 76%-100% of book

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