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Latest Books - Good-bye, Midnight Wanderer

As a young girl, Ashleigh lived on her parent's Thoroughbred racing farm. Though in love with all the young horses, Ashleigh finds one that she immediately bonds with-a gorgeous black colt. The only problem is, her parents are set on selling him, just like they did to all their young horses.
But that isn't her only problem. As her parents are making a deal with some people to sell Midnight, Ashleigh watches as the colt and another begin to fight, rearing up and thrashing. With a crack, the beautiful black colt's leg breaks during the fight.
Deciding at once that it was her fault, Ashleigh struggles to help Midnight heal his broken leg, despite the vet's suggestion of putting him down.

Tone of book? - thoughtful
Time/era of story - 1980's-1999
Animal story Yes
Kind of animal: - horse
Is this an adult or child's book? - Age 11-14

Main Character
Gender - Female
Profession/status: - student
Age: - a teen
Is this an ordinary person caught up in events? Yes
Ethnicity/Nationality - White (American)
How sensitive is this character? - sensitive to others' feelings
Sense of humor - Mostly serious with occasional humor
Intelligence - Average intelligence
Physique - average physique

Main Adversary
Identity: - none

How much descriptions of surroundings? - 5 (an average amount)
United States Yes
Farm/Ranch? Yes
Farm/Ranch: - farm - lot of descript of animal care

Person - mostly 3rd
Accounts of torture and death? - no torture/death
Unusual Style: - a lot of stream of consciousness
Amount of dialog - significantly more descript than dialog

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