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Indie Music Thrives on public radio

In my travels on the net I have been looking for free internet radio and radio stations that play indie artists. I ran into 92.5 The Why which the Burbank Community Radio Station. They play unsigned / indie artists in a multi genre format.

While they are tight lipped about what kind of future programming we should expect they have grown to thousands of hits per day and Indie Artists from all over the world are submitting their music for free internet radio play. They have a few radio shows that have been taken from another local internet radio station that had a "crappy" signal on the Internet. The Block FM with Tim and Cassandra, The Grab Bag Show, Moonlight Conversations with Perry and the Jigga Jones Radio Show with Jigga Jones.

I am looking forward to seeing more from this station in the days to come, I will be tuning in each morning to laugh with the Jive'n Jerry Dee Show at 6AM. Visit them today and hear what I hear.

William Olive, professional internet surfer since 1998. Please visit for more information about internet radio, radio station, indie musicindie music and free internet radio at

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