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Book Review - The Merchant of Death - Pendragon 1

Bobby Pendragon was just a normal kid, until his Uncle Press asked him for a favor. He goes with his Uncle to an old unused subway station and suddenly a shape changing man named Saint Dane is shooting at him. Then his Uncle has him run down the subway rail to find the door to the flume. As Bobby runs for the flume giant dogs with yellow eyes chase after him. He barely gets to the flume and when he does, he yells "Denduron" as Press instructed. He gets sucked through the flume to Denduron and his uncle joins him soon after. They go to the mining village and Press is captured by some knights. Loor and Osa (fellow "Travlers") help Bobby. Together the set out to rescue Press and free the miner slaves. All the while Saint Dane plans chaos for both sides. His goal is to destroy Halla and rule over what is left over. Bobby records all of his adventure in the form of written journals he sends via magic rings to his friends Mark Dimond and Courtney Chetwynde.

Thor Pharmakis, Resident Scholar

Bobby Pendragon is a normal fourteen-year-old, middle class, athletic, teeager. But one night, his mysterious Uncle Press comes to his house and drives to the Bronx. There, in an abandoned subway, Bobby and Press are attacked by a shapeshifting "thing" known as Saint Dane. After a short strugle, Bobby is somehow "flumed" onto a mountain top. There he and Press are attacked by monsterous bears called quigs. After a daring escape, Uncle Press is captured by weird men in armor and Bobby finds himself in a village called inhabited by Milago. There, he learns from a woman named Osa and her daughter Loor, that he is a "Traveler", on a mission to protect the 10 territories of Halla from Saint Dane. He also learns that the Milago are being oppressed by an evil tribe that live in a giant palace. Bobby decides to go along with the Traveler thing and he and Loor go on a desperate mission to find Uncle Press.
Jacob Thomas, Resident Scholar

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