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More Tips for Beginners of Bowling Game

Remember where you are rolling the ball and turn it. Understanding the alleys where you are playing is also very important. And understanding your movements to your left or right is also very important as well as the way you roll the ball. When and where should one turn the ball? Many bowlers mistakenly believe that the place to turn the ball to get a big-breaking hook or curve is when it is still in back of them on the backswing.

But actually the proper place at which to put "stuff" by means of a lift or turn, etc., is after the ball has passed your left foot at the foul line. This eliminates side arming, turning too soon and, to a certain extent, overturning. It also helps to eliminate the chance of the ball rolling over the, thumbhole.

Some thoughts on playing alleys Proper adjustment to alley conditions means moving to your right or left from your starting angle according to how the alley affects your natural delivery. If your ball is not "finishing" (that is, it misses the headpin on the right) your proper change is to move to your right in order to get a sharper angle. If your ball finishes too much toward the 1-2 pocket or on the left-hand side, the proper adjustment is to move toward your left. Even though you change position on the approach, be sure to aim at the same spot.

Remember that in moving to your left you may end up using more of a curve ball than a hook ball. Be careful not to move so far that your body is to the left of the headpin, for at that angle it is very difficult to make strikes because of deflection. I know that it is difficult to change a person's game once he has become set in his ways.

For example, a few years ago a team appeared in the ABC tournament and confounded the spectators with its queer approaches and deliveries. Each bowler on this team went through a weird sort of ritual. He took his first step, did a low dip as he took the second pace, came back to normal on the third step, and then made another low dip and delivered the ball. This unusual procedure completely mystified the spectators and there was immense curiosity over the reasons for it. Investigation brought out the fact that each bowler from this team's home town bowled exactly the same way, and for a very good reason.

It seemed that the only bowling establishment in this particular town unfortunately had two low-hanging steam pipes fitted to the ceiling just above the approaches, and it was strictly a case of duck twice or risk a fractured skull. All that particular town's bowlers had performed this same rite so often that they continued to do so even when there was no necessity for it. The action of the ball A ball does three things after it leaves your hand. First, it skids, then it rolls and finally it "takes the stuff." An average ball skids about fifteen feet, then rolls about twenty- five feet, and finally turns for the last twenty feet.

The first part of this twenty feet finds the spin motion gradually overcoming the forward motion of the ball. One of the main reasons why a speedball is so ineffective is that it skids farther, rolls less because it is still in a semi skid, and hooks little or none at all, thus giving little opportunity for the pins to mix. With the curve, a much slower delivery, the ball does not skid so much and rolls about the same as an average ball. The roll turns into a curve sooner and the ball takes more spin at the finish.

If your curve occasionally dies out, it is because it has started to hook too soon. The above tips hopes have given you some new things to learn on how to play the blowing game. You may find some of these things to practice initially, but you can overcome your flaws slowly by practicing and working on them.

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