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Book Review - Shadows in the Darkness

Thirty-four year old Gwen "GiGi" Gelman works undercover for the vice squad when a bust turns ugly. Several people die and Gigi is scapegoated and fired.

Needing to eat, GiGi opens up a private investigative firm. Her current case is to find a missing teen. As the inquiries spin between abduction and runaway, GiGi begins to find she stunningly has psychic powers and starts to ascertain that she is not quite human. As she learns more about her elfish genetic makeup, her investigation propels her to apply her vice squad experience as an undercover operator looking into the Underhill gentlemen only club where children perform erotic dances. The inquiries begin to spin into something more than a missing teen as a conspiracy involving her family ties surface with the club's owner.

Harriet Klausner

Harriet Klausner, Resident Scholar

Gwen Gellman is an ex-police investigator. Now she's a private investigator specializing in finding missing teens. Gwen, known as Gigi to her friends, looks much younger than her 30-some years, and can see visions of what happened to people when she's holding something that the person had when they were taken/hurt/etc. Her parents were killed when she was young and she was raised by foster parents and homes.

A case of a missing daughter is brought to her, and in the course of investigations she is doing undercover work in a strip club, where the owner of the club recognizes great power on her, and asks her to look into another case for him. This case is to look for a missing heir to a family fortune, the parents were killed in a car crash 30ish years ago and the bodies disappeared out of the morgue.
Candice Griffin, Resident Scholar

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