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Latest Books - The Rescue Artist

Just before the sun came up one wintery morning in 1994, two thieves broke into Norway's national art museum. Climbing a ladder to a second floor window, one criminal suffered a spectacular fall but got up, brushed himself up, and went back up and through a second story window to steal Edward Munch's most famous painting - The Scream, which has been valued at $72 million.

The museum was fitted out with all kinds of security cameras and a fancy alarm system. But the only security guard never looked at the monitors and assumed that the alarm was false. And so the thieves easily escaped, heading off through the still-dark in a stolen car.

Of course the theft made headlines all over the world. It especially
embarassed the Norwegian government because it took place just as the
Winter Olympics began, in Lillehammer. Norwegian detectives set out to find the criminals. But a Scotland Yard detective named Charley Hill who will make up a new identity (he claime to work for the Getty Museum) and break the case.

This is an extremely fast-paced book that covers not only this heist but also others. Stolen masterpieces would fill a museum. There are more than five hundred Picassos, 43 Van Goghs, 174 Rembrandts, and even a Vermeer or two stolen.

job/profession: - criminal (general)
Job/profession/poverty story Yes
Period of greatest activity? - 1950+

Subject of Biography
Gender - Male
Profession/status: - champion of justice
Age: - 40's-50's
Eccentric/Mental Yes
Eccentric: - eccentric
Ethnicity - White
Nationality - British
How sensitive is this person? - hard edged
Sense of humor - Cynical sense of humor
Intelligence - Smarter than most other people
Physique - average physique

How much descriptions of surroundings? - 5 (an average amount)
Europe Yes
European country: - England/UK - Scandinavia
Misc setting - Fancy Mansion
Century: - 1980's-Present

Person - mostly 3rd
Accounts of torture and death? - generic/vague references to death/punishment
Book makes you feel? - in awe
Unusual Style: - a lot of flashback and forwards
Writer's slant towards subject: - favorable
Pictures/Illustrations? - More than 15 in color
How much of bio focuses on most famous period of life? - 26-50% of book

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