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Two of the Best Movie Download Secrets

Downloading movies from the internet just keeps getting better and better. With the incredible growth in broadband technology and the continuing increase in broadband download speeds, movie downloading just keeps getting better. For a while now you have been able to set a movie to download overnight because it takes ages for the file to transfer. Either because the file is so big or your download speed is so slow. The ultimate movie download has got to be real time at high quality. Streaming video is no here.

And as technology is getting better and better, so are the sites on the net. Just in the last week I have found two great movie download secrets that I want to share with you. The first secret is that you can get a whole range of good quality movies to download for free.

That's right, free video downloads right to your PC, on demand. No more delays with saving a file and then watching it later because the real time playback is so awful because of contention on the line. Free full movie downloads are available. Of course these aren't the latest Hollywood blockbusters, but good online movies ready for you to watch.

Completely free movie downloads can be found at one of the leading video on demand sites on the net today. Just visit and you can get a whole selection of free films to download: no subscription or even registration required. For example free travel guides videos are on offer. Spectacular views of Four Corners, one of the amazing wonders of the world: the land of red rocks, is just one of the travel videos on offer.

If you prefer humour then look at their laughs section and try out their films like American Alien or Sky High. Or for something with a bit of class how about a horror film like The Shiver of the Vampires: A surreal film featuring gorgeous vampires, Gallic vampire hippies and lashings of lesbian sex! If you prefer vintage movies, how about the original Zorro movie, or some of the Dragnet episodes? Free streaming videos at your fingertips across a range of categories. A secret not to keep to yourself! Try it out at cinemanow.

My second secret is quite simply this: with streaming videos now being available to all on the internet, there is now no-one to censor what you see. This is no less than a movie download revolution! Suddenly you can see films that haven't been controlled by the Hollywood movie bosses. You can decide what you watch. One such secret waiting for you to find on the web is exactly that: The Secret! This is an extraordinary film. Lifechanging.

It could be the most important and revolutionary 90 minutes of you life. For about five dollars you can watch this film live on your PC. And not just in a small window, but in full screen mode with excellent quality. Now I'm not recommending this film simply because the technology is great - it is the film itself. If you don't know what The Secret is, then do watch it.

It would be unfair of me to say what The Secret is if you don't know it, as it does require a bit of explanation, which is best done by the movie and not here. However, if you have always wondered if life was more than this and wanted to know The Secret of life that rich, successful and happy people have found out all throughout history then you must watch this movie. The Secret has caused a storm on the net and I am happy to add my fuel to the fire. It is a must see movie for everyone. 2006

Andrew Castlewood is content editor at and an impatient movie viewer! He monitors technology to make movie-viewing as fun as it should be! Andrew can provide you with more information about movie downloads at What Movie Download

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