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Ways to confess your love for your boyfriend

You dreamed of meeting that special man all of your life. You pictured how you would feel and how great it would be to say those three magical words, I love you. Yet, now that the time has come, you are scared.

You can handle rejection just fine. You probably realise that he loves you as much as you love him. You are scared that it may not be romantic or it may not be memorable.

First, relax. Real life is often very different to Hollywood movies and TV shows. Fireworks will not automatically explode after you say these special words, I love you.

He is not even anticipating it. What is he expecting? Romance? Fun? For you to be yourself? Do not worry too much, calm down and read some of the following ideas to see if you can get inspired. Idea Number one on saying I love you. Go the traditional route. Plan a wonderful meal.

If you are a good to exceptional cook, you can do the work yourself. You could buy ready made food if you are not good at cooking. The table should be set in a romantic manner. It is time to burn some romantic candles and also bring out your best china. Now play some soft background music. Keep an eye on the mood of the night and when you feel that the timing is right, just tell him how much you love him.

Idea Number two on saying I love you. Do you and your man have a special spot that you share? It could be as simple as the place you met or had your first date. The special vanue could be as simple as your local park or the place you first met.

Visit this place together. Pause during normal chit chat. Take your man's hand.

Look deep into his eyes. Tell him how much you have been enjoying the night and finally tell him that you love him. Idea Number three on saying I love you. Wait until the end of the next perfect date with your man.

Kiss him goodnight. Make sure it is a long, steamy kiss. As you linger, still standing within his arms look at him in the eyes and say I love you.

Idea Number four on saying I love you. Okay, you are not brave enough to say the words straight out, you need a little help. There are also some more subtle and shy approaches. Send your guy some flowers.

If you think your guy is the type of guy who would appreciate you sending them to his work, do so. He might feel flattered when his coworkers see how lucky he is. Now attached a handwritten note and say something cute like, just trying to get the guts to say I love you.

If you think that flowers are just too much, you could try sending an e-card. You can find tons of these across the internet. Look for one with an awesome eye appeal. It is important to make sure that the point is put across and it is not too funny. You might feel very alive and free after you confess your love.

You may well blossom the relationship for the future.

Visit love calculator where cupid will try and tell you what might potentially happen in the future with your relationship.

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